Monday, September 05, 2011

September Update

My poor, ignored blog!  Cannot believe it's been since late June that I updated.

School is in full swing here, this week will be their 4th full week.  It's been a bit of an adjustment for all three, but mostly for Michael and Emily.  A full day of Kindergarten is a lot.  We leave the house at 7:25, and the bus brings them home at 2:35.  If they rode the bus to school as well, we would have to leave the house at 6:45....that is just too early for all of us.

They are in separate classes, I am asked this all the time.  In GA, it is the law that the parents decide whether or not to separate.  Keeping them together was never even a consideration for us.  We did it in preschool, but that was because there was only one class for the days/times/age group.  I do not feel that they miss each other, on the contrary, they actually love being in their own rooms, with their own teachers and own new friends to make. It is fun to hear them compare what each class did that day, what special they had, what song they sang.  They do see each other at lunch and at recess, and they see Sophie periodically as well.  It is my firm belief that they are two very different children, and as such, should be allowed to be on their own, just like any singleton would be.  And finally, having gone to school as the 8th Maier in a line of 9 Maiers, I do know what it is like being compared to a sibling(s).  They have big shoes to fill as Sophie is very well known at school, they don't need to constantly be compared to their twin sibling as well.

It is funny to hear what they have to say about school.  For awhile Emily was telling me her teacher was mean, which I know is not the case.  She was also telling me that they didn't go to recess or lunch, so you see how much stock you can put in a tired 5 year old's rendition of the day!  She did surprise me last week when she decided she wanted a playdate with the boy who lives at the bus stop before ours, and got off the bus early.  A bit of chaos ensued, but I knew the mother and Michael told me where she was.  The bus driver did get his you know what handed to him by the assistant principal however...not good letting a 5 year old off at the wrong stop.  

Michael is blossoming.  I knew he would do fine socially, he is the Mayor after all.  But now he is more willing to try new things academically.  His writing is much better than what it was, and more importantly, he seems to LIKE writing!  He actually asks to practice.  This is a huge jump from last year when he would tell his teacher, "I'll finish it later."  His positive attitude is so refreshing, I wish his sisters could have a just a tiny bit of it!  He wants to buy lunch...every day.  Does not matter what it is....his response is the same:, "I love that Mom, I want to buy lunch today."  Sophie will try to talk him out of it, and I tell her that he has to learn on his own.  So far, he has not starved and each afternoon tells me with pride what he picked out for himself. I can't wait to join them for lunch one day to see him in action.  

And then there is Sophie, the child that can already drive me crazy, but then stun me with her need for her "Mommy".  Oh, how I hope we make it through the next few years!!  She has yet another really young teacher, Ms. Rosa is 23 and this is her first full time class.  I had the opportunity to get to know her better this week as I chaperoned their trip to the Fire Safety Village.  (Which BTW, if you ever get a chance to go, please do, I was much impressed and not just b/c Fireman Joel was easy on the much great information for the kids). Ms. Rosa might be new, and she might be only an inch taller than some of her students, but nothing got by her.  The kids listened to her, respected her, and I could tell they are motivated by her.  I am sure I was not that together at 23, and I am sure you would not have wanted me shaping your child's mind.  So a good year for Sophie so far.  I am glad this year she has joined Chorus.  I suggested it, then held my breath and waited.  As any mother can tell you, you can only suggest one time.  The more you tell them how great it is, the more they turn away from it.  She had her first rehearsal last week, and loved it.  She was also picked for Art Club, which is a 5 week club that you get to be in once in your time at TR. I really wasn't sure how she would like that, Art is not her strong suit.  Came into the car saying: "Mom, I don't like Art Club...I LOVE it!"  It's nice to see her try new things and find that she does like them.  

Open houses are this week, and like so many things this year at school, we will get to go both nights. I am enjoying this time of all three of them in the same school, only have that for 2 years total, then never again.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fireflies/Lightning Bugs

Which do you call them?  I don't think it really matters what you call them.  To me, they invoke all sorts of memories of playing kickball and SPUD while we waited for the streetlights to come on.  That was always our signal it was time to come inside.

Tonight Emily worked hard on her habitat, so hard I wasn't sure there was going to actually be room for any bugs.  But she made it work.  Terry and I loved watching her experience this.  One of the best parts of parenthood is watching your kids make some of the memories you love from your own childhood.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Recital and other things

Emily's first recital was this weekend.  She did a great job, despite missing the dress rehearsal due to Michael's strep and Sophie's soccer game.  Terry had to coach, and I didn't think leaving a vomiting child with a sitter was the right call.  The morning of the recital just Sophie and I went to Mass, Michael was still contagious and I didn't feel like getting Emily all ready.  Sophie was an altar server, and fainted about 3/4 of the way through Mass.  There is nothing like seeing your daughter sprawled out on the floor to make you move faster than you ever have before.  I honestly don't even remember getting to the altar; one minute I was kneeling next to my mother, the next I was kneeling beside Sophie.  She really didn't know what had happened, she thought she had fallen asleep.  A wonderful parishioner, Keven, who is also an EMT helped me get her off the altar.  He really took great care of her.  I am First Aid and CPR certified for Girl Scouts, but I was trying to be the mother, not the doctor.  I got her home, and she rested and re-hydrated the rest of the afternoon.  However by recital time she still wasn't feeling great and even though she didn't want to, decided to stay home.  I took these photos of Emily before we left.

First time I have ever attempted a bun, pretty darn proud of myself!  And Emily too, she is way more cooperative than the other female child in our family.....

She had picked this daisy from our neighbor's yard and held it during all the photos.

You can dress her like a ballerina, but really, she is still the same tomboy underneath.

There was only one glitch at the recital....while we were all waiting for Emily's group to take the stage, they announced that there would be a short delay. I knew what was coming, and then I saw it: One of the teachers leading Emily across and down the stage to the restrooms. I had been so hopeful that her potty issues would not spoil this for her. I got up and met her in the restroom, and 15 minutes later she emerged and the show continued. She did great on stage, but did tell me that next year she just wants to do the gymnastics part, no dance.

To top off the evening, Pam and I took the kids to El Porton, Em's favorite restaurant. From there I called Terry to check on Sophie. He told me she had fallen asleep right after I left and had slept for 2 hours. And that was good because he was busy vomiting. Awesome! When I arrived home he and Sophie were watching TV, and I can't tell you who looked more pitiful. Sophie was feverish, and Terry was miserable. I told them I would help out once I got the twins in bed. As I was reading them a story Sophie came in and perched on Michael's bed. She then gave me a funny look....and threw up. Then ran down the hall to the bathroom and did it again.'s been quite a weekend, but we are all feeling better now.  I am starting to get that tickle in the back of my throat, I think Emily has passed me her cold.  But as Terry pointed out, "Hey, at least you're not vomiting!"  Gotta agree with that!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

Happy Easter to all my faithful readers!! 

So I am back on FB as of last night, even though Pam deemed that a wee bit too early....and  wow, it's great to be back, but I have to say I really enjoyed the break.  Not only from a time perspective, but a clarity perspective.  When I logged on and all the ads and page updates hit, it was like watching TV with only commercials.  And since I only ever watch DVR'd TV, I never have to deal with commercials.   The break has certainly made me rethink my usage of FB, and what I choose to view.  And how often I choose to view it...I think that will be the biggest difference.

Today was an interesting day, we were up early, the kids were a bit crazy from starting their day with jelly beans and malted eggs.  And of course, there was the inevitable squabbling. Is there a family out there whose kids don't compare who got what?  If so, I'd like to meet them, because that is so not my kids.  I hope this is something they will outgrow, the quicker the better.  How do you teach them to be happy with what they have, and to not worry about what others have?
We made it to Mass an hour before it began, which gave us time to get our normal seats and save room for my parents.  And time for me to capture the following shots of Sophie, who was serving her first Mass with her friend Colby.

You'll be happy to know they were much more reverent during the actual Mass, this was beforehand in the dressing room.  The other kids were asking if they were brother and sister because not only do they look alike, they bicker like siblings.  They have similar personalities (both are right ALL THE TIME) so they really know how to push each other's buttons.  And that is why I love Colby, he doesn't let Sophie get away with anything, and she needs that!  Sophie did a great job, she didn't even look nervous.  Seeing her come down the aisle was a rewarding moment for me.  So often you wonder if what you say and do has an impact.  Knowing that she was excited to serve at Church made me hope that yes, she is getting the message that we are working hard to instill.  

We were fortunate to have all the grandparents come over in the afternoon for dinner.  It was nice to sit on the pollen free deck (thanks to Terry) and enjoy the beautiful day.  And the MANY eggs that our own Easter Bunny Terry had hidden for the kids. 

                                         Nana, Terry and the kids waiting to start the hunt.

                                                          Pure excitement, I love this shot.

           It was hard to get a clear shot of Emily, she was on a get the most eggs!


I tried out the panoramic feature on my camera while the kids were digging into their baskets this morning.  I did this so I could give my husband props.  We are fortunate to have a great backyard, but it would not be so without his many hours of sweat equity.  So here's a shout out to you Ter: THANKS for working so hard to give us a beautiful place to play and unwind.

And speaking of my talented husband, can you guess which egg below was his? Admit it, who else likes to make "the ugly egg"?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brownie Sprites Weekend

This weekend I had the pleasure of going "camping" with 8 nine year olds and one other Girl Scout leader.  I put the quote marks around camping because we stayed at an actual Girl Scout Camp, in a cabin with bunks, a flush toilet and shower.  When Terry goes Father/Daughter camping each Fall with Sophie, they tent camp.  They do have bathhouses, but they are a distance away.  So mostly they use the port a potties. Not me. Just having to climb to the top bunk is rustic enough by my standards.

                                   You can see how shy and demure our troop is......
  Making no sew fleece pillows.  Loved this craft, will do it for Emily when she gets a bit older. 
Sophie and Natalie canoeing.  I was amazed at how confident they were on the water.  Sheila and I brought our camp chairs and got a bit of reading in between the raindrops while they were on the water.  They had counselors and a lifeguard out in canoes with them, certainly didn't need us out there as well.

                        Waiting to put on their skit at the Saturday night talent show. 

I really enjoyed being with the troop and seeing how mature they have become. This is their 3rd year as Brownies and when we saw some first year troops in the dining hall,we could really tell how far our girls have come. I am so thankful for the influence of Girl Scouts in Sophie's life. It's still the same good, clean fun that it was when I was growing up. She will go to this same camp for a two night session this summer. I still have fond memories of my summer GS camp time, I hope the same for her.