Monday, March 28, 2011

Brownie Sprites Weekend

This weekend I had the pleasure of going "camping" with 8 nine year olds and one other Girl Scout leader.  I put the quote marks around camping because we stayed at an actual Girl Scout Camp, in a cabin with bunks, a flush toilet and shower.  When Terry goes Father/Daughter camping each Fall with Sophie, they tent camp.  They do have bathhouses, but they are a distance away.  So mostly they use the port a potties. Not me. Just having to climb to the top bunk is rustic enough by my standards.

                                   You can see how shy and demure our troop is......
  Making no sew fleece pillows.  Loved this craft, will do it for Emily when she gets a bit older. 
Sophie and Natalie canoeing.  I was amazed at how confident they were on the water.  Sheila and I brought our camp chairs and got a bit of reading in between the raindrops while they were on the water.  They had counselors and a lifeguard out in canoes with them, certainly didn't need us out there as well.

                        Waiting to put on their skit at the Saturday night talent show. 

I really enjoyed being with the troop and seeing how mature they have become. This is their 3rd year as Brownies and when we saw some first year troops in the dining hall,we could really tell how far our girls have come. I am so thankful for the influence of Girl Scouts in Sophie's life. It's still the same good, clean fun that it was when I was growing up. She will go to this same camp for a two night session this summer. I still have fond memories of my summer GS camp time, I hope the same for her.   


Debbie said...

Can't believe those girls canoe-ing! Very cool :^)

sheila said...

They had such a great time! And I did, too. Thanks for a great weekend, Dorothy.

Dorothy Gould said...

Back at ya, Sheila! Will camp with you again anytime!