Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Recital and other things

Emily's first recital was this weekend.  She did a great job, despite missing the dress rehearsal due to Michael's strep and Sophie's soccer game.  Terry had to coach, and I didn't think leaving a vomiting child with a sitter was the right call.  The morning of the recital just Sophie and I went to Mass, Michael was still contagious and I didn't feel like getting Emily all ready.  Sophie was an altar server, and fainted about 3/4 of the way through Mass.  There is nothing like seeing your daughter sprawled out on the floor to make you move faster than you ever have before.  I honestly don't even remember getting to the altar; one minute I was kneeling next to my mother, the next I was kneeling beside Sophie.  She really didn't know what had happened, she thought she had fallen asleep.  A wonderful parishioner, Keven, who is also an EMT helped me get her off the altar.  He really took great care of her.  I am First Aid and CPR certified for Girl Scouts, but I was trying to be the mother, not the doctor.  I got her home, and she rested and re-hydrated the rest of the afternoon.  However by recital time she still wasn't feeling great and even though she didn't want to, decided to stay home.  I took these photos of Emily before we left.

First time I have ever attempted a bun, pretty darn proud of myself!  And Emily too, she is way more cooperative than the other female child in our family.....

She had picked this daisy from our neighbor's yard and held it during all the photos.

You can dress her like a ballerina, but really, she is still the same tomboy underneath.

There was only one glitch at the recital....while we were all waiting for Emily's group to take the stage, they announced that there would be a short delay. I knew what was coming, and then I saw it: One of the teachers leading Emily across and down the stage to the restrooms. I had been so hopeful that her potty issues would not spoil this for her. I got up and met her in the restroom, and 15 minutes later she emerged and the show continued. She did great on stage, but did tell me that next year she just wants to do the gymnastics part, no dance.

To top off the evening, Pam and I took the kids to El Porton, Em's favorite restaurant. From there I called Terry to check on Sophie. He told me she had fallen asleep right after I left and had slept for 2 hours. And that was good because he was busy vomiting. Awesome! When I arrived home he and Sophie were watching TV, and I can't tell you who looked more pitiful. Sophie was feverish, and Terry was miserable. I told them I would help out once I got the twins in bed. As I was reading them a story Sophie came in and perched on Michael's bed. She then gave me a funny look....and threw up. Then ran down the hall to the bathroom and did it again. 

So...it's been quite a weekend, but we are all feeling better now.  I am starting to get that tickle in the back of my throat, I think Emily has passed me her cold.  But as Terry pointed out, "Hey, at least you're not vomiting!"  Gotta agree with that!


Sheila said...

You Goulds do sick better than anyone. I hope this is it for you guys for the whole summer!

Dorothy Gould said...

Me too!! Maybe Sophie might actually swim in a meet this season!!